Thursday, January 29, 2009


YALE-NEW HAVEN HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS--Please go directly to the Habitat office at 37 Union Street. You will be painting, so please wear something you don't mind getting paint on. You may park in front of the building; walk around to the back to find the work site.

SKILLS FOR LIFE--Report to 37 Union Street for training session #2. Meet Adam in the office at 9am.

MADISON CARES/GUILFORD H.S. INTERACT CLUB--Go directly to Wilson Street and report to Steve.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


HIGH ROAD SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS, please do not report for work on Thursday, 1/29!! I have cancelled your group because of the weather. We will see you next Thursday, 2/5.

REGULAR VOLUNTEERS, please contact Steve to ask what the plan for Thursday is.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Madison Cares volunteers from Christ Church should wear there painting clothes Saturday 1/24. We will be painting at the Habitat warehouse located at 37 Union St in New Haven. We will be painting the siding for the house on Wilson St and we will be the lucky ones working in a heated space. Please park in front and walk to the back entrance.

The Skills for Life crew will also be at 37 Union St. We will be doing the first of the off site preliminary trainings. Please enter the Habitat offices through the main entrance and make yourselves comfortable at the conferece table.

Volunteers from Yale New Haven Hospital and Medical Staff will be framing at 15 Wilson St. You should, as usual, be prepared for cold weather.

All weekday volunteers for tuesday 1/27 through Thursday 1/29 will be working on 15/23 Wilson St. unless it is snowing, raining or something worse.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We hope you will join us at the wonderful Habitat events that are planned for the upcoming months. Our special events are a great way to meet fellow volunteers, Habitat staff and our many community supporters. Wine tastings, concerts, a very special chef demonstration--there's something for everyone!

Visit the Habitat website regularly for updates at and click on EVENTS.
This is the volunteer schedule for 1/17/09:
The Centerbrrook Architects group and other Madison Cares volunteers will be painting at the Habitat warehouse located at 37 Union St. so wear your painting clothes.
The Yale New Haven Hospital and Medical Staff volunteers will be braving the elements working on 15 Wilson St.
There may also be work for some of the regular Saturday volunteers and Habitat families working on their hours at 129 Rosette St. Work at this location will be based on weather and volunteer turn out so everyone should start at 15 Wilson St and we'll see how it goes.

Tuesday 1/20/09 the construction staff will be observing Martin Luther King Day so there will be no work on site.

We will resume work on Wednesday 1/21 on 15/23 Wilson St. If the weather is bad we will relocate to either 37 Union St or 129 Rosette St. The same applies for Thursday 1/22.

I would also like to encourage all volunteers who have been taking photos of the houses throughout their construction to share those photos. They can be emailed to Ellen( We would like to see what you all see so please show us your pics. Thanks.

Habitat would like to remind everyone to check the Events listings on the Habitat website so you can see that there's more to Habitat than just pounding nails)although that's the best part).

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm sure that everyone has heard that there is a storm on the way for Saturday 1/10/2009. The reports that I've seen indicate that the snow won't start until the afternoon. The plan is to work on 15/23 Wilson St until the storm arrives. Hopefully it will hold off long enough for a full work day. Please be aware that the houses are not enclosed so drees warm and remember the best way to fight off the cold is to work hard.

For the weeekday volunteers for Tuesday 1/12 through Friday 1/16 we will work on 15/23 Wilson St as long as there is no precipitation or sub-zero temperatures. Should either of those things occur we will be working on 129 Rosette St.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had great holidays and all are ready to get back to work.

For the week of January 6, 2009 all volunteers should go to 15/23 Wilson St as long as there is no precipitation.
Should it rain or snow or wintry mix we will stay dry, if not warm, working on 129 Rosette St.

See you all real soon.